Housing Information

For the students who have come down recently or planning to come to UIC, finding an apartment/house is one of the top priorities. There is an option of living On-Campus (dormitory) or OFF-Campus (leasing an appartment on your own). Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Off-campus housing on an average, costs about $400-$500 a month including utilities but excluding personal expenses like groceries. Most of the students live off-campus. The university is divided into East campus and West campus, which is well connected by UIC shuttle and CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) bus service. The engineering facilities are on the East campus, whereas, medical related branches are on the west campus. The type of accommodation chosen completely depends upon each individual. By off-campus housing we mean the apartments which are located in the vicinity of the both campuses and are either connected by UIC shuttle or are at a walking distance to the university. Once you have completed the initial formalities after landing at UIC, looking for a house would be your next task. Start your house hunt by walking down preferably on Taylor Street and also on the smaller intersections between Taylor Street and Harrison Street. Keep an eye out for any rental boards.

A general idea of the costs involved in off-campus housing per month:

1. Rent: $350 - $500/person

2. Utilities (heat, electricity, water, etc.): $100-$120/person

3. Groceries: $150 - $200/household

So this will work out to be roughly $600 - $1000 a month. It varies widely depending on your personal life style. Typically a single bedroom apartment costs around $1200(approximate.) and can accommodate 2-3 persons. A two bedroom apartment costs around $2000 and can be shared by 4-5 persons. Choose houses/apartments that allow easy commutation to and from college. Houses that seem to be away from college campus may actually have very good transportation facilities like Red car and Campus Shuttle access or CTA connectivity.

And in case you are wondering what you will be needed in a house. This list should be a good starting point :


Lights - $10-$15

Mattress - $60-$100

Pillow and pillow cover - $10

Bed sheets (if you haven't brought them)

Hangers (if you haven't brought any)

Living Room:

Lights - $10 - $15

Chairs - Vacuum Cleaner -needed if the room is carpeted

Carpet freshener - Air freshener

Futon/Sofa (if needed)

Mats/Rugs - especially at the doors

Shoe rack - (definitely helpful)


Toaster - $10 and above

Blender - $20 and above

Coffee Maker - $15 and above

Paper Towels

Kitchen Towels

Dish washing liquid + scrubber for cleaning vessels

Stand for draining vessels

Rice cooker (If needed)

Kitchen floor rugs


Shower curtain

Toilet cleaning supplies

Bathroom cleaning supplies

Bathroom mats

Bathroom tissues